The structureEfficiency, flexibility, advanced IT

Passion and perseverance are our weapons.
  • CIT Group is a Contact Center that brings together cutting-edge expertise and technologies capable of interacting with any type of media they fit perfectly between the different strategic business processes and their relations with the outside. Services are provided by three companies of the Group's Call Centre (CIT TUNISIE, ALBANIA CIT, CIT GROUP), with their four locations across stations live inbound / outbound and possible support of "voice portals" made with automated systems (IVR). To date, the Group's Call Center can count on about 550 stations multilingual agent (FRENCH, ITALIAN, ENGLISH, GERMAN, RUSSIAN, ARABIC, UKRAINIAN, POLISH AND ALBANIAN).

    Modus operandi

    To ensure efficient quality service to every customer is created a business unit managed by a Project Manager in the Call Center Group. The Project Manager is the landmark of team leader and coordinator of the following, update and develop the team and services. The Cit Group leadership team implements quickly and cost variables (absolutely predeterminable) all call center services with an absolute guarantee of quality, thanks to its technological systems, which provide the customer an accurate and continuous monitoring of the progress of activities.

    The Contact Center Cit Group has achieved the perfect balance between technology and attention to human resources. The technology offers efficiency and multi-channel, ensures personal attention and quality results. To ensure a flawless front-end, CIT Group has built a staff of professionals who support clients in the design and management of complex systems (systems integration with the logistics to complete the Direct Marketing).

    CIT Group also provides its customers with the possibility of different database profiling, adaptable to different needs. The contracts entered into and all contacts drawn, for clarity and protection of sensitive data, will be managed in compliance 'with international laws on privacy and, therefore, with complete disclaimer by the contractor..